• Regina

    March 2014 Sector Blog

    Dr Regina Quiazon
    Senior Research and Policy Advocate
    Multicultural Centre for Women’s Health

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    Share your stories during National Youth Week with the National Youth Sexual Health Council

    Youth Empowerment Against HIV/AIDS or YEAH’s National Youth Sexual Health Council (NYSC) has been responsible four youth led sexual health events this year. Next month the council is celebrating our final event, National Youth Week, by sharing stories about sex.

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    On Saturday 22nd February at the second annual White Night festival, YEAH launched Love MELBOURNE.  

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    Agent Blog: Liam on White Night

    Last Saturday night YEAH launched ‘Love MELBOURNE’ at White Night festival. Our hard to miss letters attracted a huge crowd, and before we knew it, the Kevron key tags had disappeared and our sculpture was gleaming in colourful messages. An amazing team of volunteers helped out across the night, and our friend and volunteer extraordinaire Liam Allen was one of this awesome crew. Here is his blog from the night!

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    World AIDS Day wrap-up!

    Last week was World AIDS Day, and by golly, it was a big one for the YEAH team!


    World AIDS Day 2013 Melbourne

    December 1 is World AIDS Day. Play a part. Have your voice heard.


Yes I am RED AWARE & I am spreading the word to the world!

Michele Delaforce

I am a mother of two older children who need to be aware.

Jody Hardiman

In this day and age, you would be mad not to be Red Aware.

shelley garwood

Because as a Mum of 2 teenage boys, 2 younger boys and a daughter...its my job to keep them aware and safe to the dangers out there.

shelley garwood

Because I have the knowledge and skills to take control of my sexuality and sexual health, and I want other young people to have the same!

Ella Serry

  • Click here to support Sharing 4 Sherry by Stephanie Coleman

    This is a short tale about how HIV/AIDS has devastated a family and more importantly a mother. It is also a plea for help in giving her the proper send off. Any donation is greatly appreciated from my family. Even if you can't donate.. please SHARE SHARE SHARE this to anyone and everyone you know. It is my prayer that, through the power of my friends and social media, Sherry will have the happy ending she truly deserves. Here is the link for her donation site as well as links to a Twitter and Facebook page set up to get this video and the word out: http://www.gofundme.com/Sharing4Sherry http://www.Facebook.com/Sharing4Sherry http://www.Twitter.com/Sharing4Sherry Our universal hashtag across medias is: #Sharing4Sherry Thank you so much for taking the time to hear our story!

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  • Safe Sex Gazette

    Safe Sex Gazette this week: vagina transplants; transgender love songs; how labelling your genitalia may prevent a crime; and an animated overview of laws and policies impacting on young people's sexual and reproductive health in the Asia Pacific region. Take a squiz! http://www.redaware.org.au/talk/safe-sex-gazette-3910/

  • YEAH’s 2014 Groovin the Moo Safe Sex Odyssey competition winners

    A big congratulations to the following sexual health champs who are off to a Groovin the Moo of their choice with a lucky friend by their side. It was tricky deciding the winners, but in the end their responses stood out from the crowd, sent a positive message around safe sex, and were creative in how we can help to improve the sexual health for young people across Australia. See all the winning responses at the link below! Have fun guys! Ben Macintosh Emma Sutherland Lara Sharplin Jessica Southwell Ryan Sturgeon Madelan Parker Jeremy Schwartz Abby Scott Pippa Phillips Joel Newman Sorrell Salb Brett Pike Chris Trethowan Chris Martin Sarah Robertson Kate Forster Robin Russell Kim Finegan Sophie Deane Christine Lamont Alexandra James Stephanie Skinner Josie Dempster Nicholas Hall http://www.redaware.org.au/yeahs-2014-groovin-the-moo-safe-sex-odyssey-competition-winners/

  • International AIDS conference 2014 update April

    International AIDS conference 2014 update: April

  • The team in Canberra last night getting all sex(ed) up and ready for Groovin' the Moo. Come say hi to us in our condom castle, you won't miss it!