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With 75% of STIs occurring amongst young people it’s time to take action
Red Aware is an interactive campaign to bring young people together to take real action and prevent the spread of HIV & other STIs. Sound like you?


Join today and start being part of the solution. We’ll send you regular emails with tips, freebies, and other ways to get Red Aware. And if you live in Australia, we’ll send you a free safe sex kit with condoms, badges, stickers and other awesome merch!



Being Red Aware means:
Think Red: Think about your sexual health and get informed
Talk Red: Start a conversation about sexual health
Act Red: Take positive action to prevent the spread of HIV and other STIs


?????? ????????

I think this is a wonderful campaign, was happy to come across some of your staff over the weekend. The awareness is doing terrific things.

Sarah Vickers

I am with Red Aware as i think it is amazing youth taking action and owning our own sexual health.

Claire Sidlow


Taylor Ryan

Never know these days

Jordy Kickett

<3 to make a difference

Krystal-Rose Elizabeth Charlton

I\'m Red Aware because I feel that together we can make a change ! <3

Krystal-Rose Elizabeth Charlton

For my uncle and for all those living with disease

Emily Mallett

I'm Red Aware to spread awareness and knowledge about how to prevent and respect people with HIV & other STIs

Dave Beks

  • doing the right thing

    Lukman Lukman

  • to protect eh diseases

    Mary Yanchenkova

  • I am red aware because we all need to protect ourselves and be responsible for our own sexual actions and their impacts on others.

    Shannon Hubert

  • I want people to be aware of HIV/AIDS and I hope to help those who have it

    Enzo Hilado

  • ..

    Anne Nguyen

  • Because I always wear condoms

    ollie m

  • play safe!

    Con Bratis

  • to increase the knowledge of the importance of sexual health checks.

    lee colombo

  • N/a

    Sukh Chahal

  • Awareness saves lives

    Billy Jaya

  • To keep the world a safer place.

    Sally Hoffman

  • -

    Max Lukyantsev

  • So I don't get herpes

    Andrew Whittle

  • It's very important to educate young people on the reasons why they need to practice safe sex!!

    Annie O'Breza

  • [...] of a national youth survey today showing overwhelming support for standardised teaching. The ‘Let’s Talk About Sex’ survey of over 1200 young people – commissioned by AYAC and YEAH – found that 80 per [...]

    Think Talk Act — Yeah I’m In — Red Aware — Let’s Talk About Sex: Overwhelming support for overhaul of sex education in Australian schools

  • Thanks for all the information guys, you're all doing a great job.

    Rafal Kaplon

  • yeah im in

    Corey Reti

  • We all need to be

    Angela Mitcherson

  • To stay safe.

    Jacqueline Hanns

  • sooooo important that people know about this stuff... i'm a PE teacher and kids need to know this stuff hey... I need to know it too! amazing job that you guys are doing! :)

    Jared Martin

  • Simply, because I'm smart ;)

    Steven Cooke

  • Knowing about sexual health makes everything better

    Amy Spark

  • Sex is hot. STI's, not so much. Condoms and unicorn love for everyone!

    Alex Tanglao

  • Because i have been involved with someone whos has these stresses on them:)

    Tori Dean

  • I don't want to catch something or whatever is lurking about

    James Burly

  • because we need to spread the word that safe sex is better then no sex

    barbara payne

  • Because I'm awesome

    Tiffany Jennings

  • I LOVE sex

    Anh Lai

  • because safe sex is good sex

    kellie eveston

  • Safe sex!!!!

    Stacey Jefferson

  • Yeah I am in!

    Cheng Z

  • Because STI's SUCK!!!

    Jamie Addlem

  • I want to live

    Olga Semenicheva

  • 46 years old new at being single again and dont want no nastys back on the dating scene alot has changed lol all new to me was married for over 25 years lol

    tracey fellows

  • For having safe sexy times

    Pettiprue McCaw

  • )))

    Marina Dudkina

  • because i dont want aids

    Kitty Zerk

  • safe sex is my choice!

    Snejana Matsepuro

  • Awsome

    Caroline White

  • .

    Brittany Back

  • The spread of STIs are so easily preventable

    Vanessa Shaw

  • Just want to be aware about safe sex.

    Ashok Jargaliya

  • Safe sex

    keira Rogers

  • Its important to safe and aware!

    Kylie Larsen

  • OK

    Elizabeth Bigblak

  • To keep safe :)

    tara ainsworth

  • i know it's very danger

    it's dangerous to do it alone here take this

  • We all have to be!

    Heidi Pownall

  • STIs are are HUGE public health problem! It's time we got ourselves educated and spread the word...not the STIs

    Richard Shaw

  • I want to help

    Tiffanie Pearse

  • it is always best to be safe than sorry

    amy huskisson

  • I don't have STD's and don't want to get any!

    Damon Spina

  • woooo.

    kelsey perfrement

  • Never know these days

    Jordy Kickett

  • Yes, yes, yes

    Sanj Sachdeva

  • There's still a massive taboo surrounding sexual health and I think it's so important to enable conversation about the issue and facilitate real change for young people!

    Lucy Curtis

  • Thanks to JJJ hack for putting me in touch.

    Allan Rasmi

  • Wanna be safe!

    Claire Campbell

  • i have a young daughter

    amanda smith

  • Be safe :)

    Jolene Holder

  • I don't want diseases

    Immi Anne

  • It's such a great cause to be behind!

    Ellie Bambrick

  • Yehaa

    James Downey

  • No more sti\'s or HIV!

    Brett Slessor

  • It is a great project!

    Tamara Chumachenko

  • because i have no idea what that means

    kita pillar

  • HIV is a serious sti and hopefully one day it will be abolished forever

    Ben Sefton

  • Because its the safest way to be!

    Heidi Popynick

  • Dont be sillyWrap your willy! Lifes too short

    Kirsty Harley-Miers

  • Just want to say safe.

    Steven Han

  • I enjoy cleanliness which is next togodliness

    Jasmine Lu

  • beacuse its importent

    Stephen Middenway

  • :)

    Jessica Christie

  • I don't know what to say ...

    Jeremy Coad

  • Cus not many practice safe sex

    Jazz Connor

  • I love being RedAware!

    Kathleen Currie

  • Because I have two healthy kids with one on the way. No unplanned pregnancies and totally healthy.

    Kane Nelson

  • c

    shalu shalu

  • I want fun sex without the complications!

    Lauren Hajro

  • :)

    Isadora Benjamin

  • Safe sex is more important now than ever, when so much is available to us.

    Laura Harris

  • Safety first ;)

    Gemma Lee

  • Just want to be safe!!!

    Ray Man

  • because i am

    Cecilia Walls

  • yea

    Krystal Hill

  • I'm Red Aware because it's easy to prevent the spread of STI's when you have the means!

    Rowena Clune

  • Amazing?

    Amy Wentworth

  • Because i want to live a healthy happy life.

    Claire Elliott

  • How could I not be?

    Melanie Bru

  • Stay Safe

    Lucy Ditcham

  • Sex should be fun and enjoyable - and most importantly - safe.

    Anne Watson

  • Because having an STI is so un-cool!

    Rohini Manohar

  • because it is a way of life

    Nuance Backside

  • I prefer to be happy and healthy :)

    Emma Wills

  • To spread the word!

    Amanda Campbell

  • Safe sex!

    Gemma Church

  • because i don't want an STI man

    Isabelle Hoskin

  • Its better to be safe, and have everything control and be responsible, than make mistakes and pay in the long run

    Travis Medley

  • hi im red aware

    mellita humphrey

  • I think about my sexual health and get informed

    Nguyen Huu Cuong

  • Because noone wants those kind of extras...

    Lauren WIkie

  • I'm Red Aware because I think safe-sex is a really important and often overlooked health issue that is important to young people such as myself

    Jackson Rouse

  • ....

    Due McKerral

  • I'm totally loving YEAH, i'm always so confused with limited information given by other people, but YEAH is precise with a wide range of topics

    Manisha Schrapel

  • YEAH it's important, people.


  • Sexual health can be really fun and easier. By being more conscious about prevention we can make sex even better.

    Doug O Werchon

  • because i am?

    Sean Bunn

  • I have a teenage son who i have just found out he is sexually active!

    kellie miller

  • Keeping the kids updated on safe sex

    Gail; Reynolds

  • stopping the spread, saving lives

    will hill

  • :)

    Geoffrey Lee

  • Safe Sex

    Devang Shah

  • Keep the great work!

    Maree Crowley

  • to be safe and have fun

    Hao Ming

  • [...] weren’t too sure about Condoman, and curious what others think. He, along with Lubelicious, is part of a safe sex campaign primarily in Queensland, [...]

    Weird and Wonderful | The Prochoice Highway

  • Because im responsible

    Hayley Copp

  • Simple steps can prevent all sorts of nastiness.

    Clancy Lambourn

  • I like sex but i dont want infected

    S Gnomilau

  • ? ?? ?????????? ????!!!!!!!!!!

    andrey solovey

  • to be aware

    ebony kennedy

  • Abc

    Kloe Rennell

  • Protect your loins people! :)

    Emma Prater

  • cause if its not on, its not on

    jasmine flaherty

  • Because its so easy to have safe sex. It's still good sex just without the added post stress of wondering if your going to be a parent or stuck with a disease for life.

    Bianca Ott

  • ..

    Hayley Guy

  • For safety

    lucy williams

  • AIDS is a terrible way to die!

    Tue Le

  • I saw the red aware ad, and it was really interesting for me. cuz in my country there aren't have any community for prevent HIV.

    wonju cho

  • Yeah, I'm in!

    Kam Vien

  • Why not?

    Sian Ruixian Harrick

  • Safe Sex Every Time. Don't make excuses, carry condoms like you carry your mobile everywhere! Also regular check ups.

    Andrijana Stankovska

  • To protect ourselves from HIV.

    Hung Quoc Dang

  • Best to be safe!

    Melissa Gard

  • safe sex all the way woo

    Ashleah Cummings

  • Safety first!!!

    David Smith

  • Fantastic initiative!! Passionate about raising awareness of AIDS and STIs

    Monica Roberts

  • Because sexual health is an extremely important and underrated issue that people shouldn't be afraid or embarrassed to speak about.

    Kate Van

  • because its better to be safe then sorry!

    Ayla Bowers

  • :-)

    shannon copier

  • Because safe sex is important.

    Timothy Westwood

  • Cos I am

    Justin McCrae

  • I love safe sex!

    Sam Bryant

  • Don't be silly cover your willy.

    Haydn Matthews

  • Stop the spread of STIs

    Geoffrey Lee

  • No point taking the risk

    Jordan Revill

  • Because I've recently become sexually active and I want to stay disease free!

    Paul Sindler



  • to be safe

    s lock

  • Hi

    Jason Evers

  • Triple J

    Jessica Knight

  • Because it is very important

    Casey Gibson

  • Cause

    Aaron Schmid

  • Please send me, I\\\'m really looking for.

    Irina Shepel

  • To stay safe and healthy

    Sharon Mills

  • safety first

    Sam Handfield

  • Because it matters

    canny liu

  • I need it because I do not want to get infected with the disease.

    Gulinara Ferdavisovna Hasanova

  • yep

    Andrew Maher

  • school

    Nad Retsamcm

  • Thankyou

    Jessica olver

  • Coz

    Rhianna Zeller

  • I don't want to be dirty, or cutting my life short. :)

    Madison Lennox

  • i'm red aware cause I don't want sti's!!

    Jessica Scott

  • 0

    Dmitriy Semenov

  • ... [Trackback]... [...] Read More here: redaware.org.au/blog/take-our-sexual-health-survey-and-win-an-ipad-1965/ [...]...


  • I'm a Youth Worker, I also work in the area of gender and sexuality.

    Jeremy Wiggins

  • It is a great cause and nobody wants to have an STI!

    Breanna Nelmes

  • I am passionate about the field and hope to improve my own and others sexual health.

    Joel Pearman

  • because I am smart!

    andrew murray

  • I really would like to thank you guys for everything! please add extra condoms in my package :)

    Jack Shoobert

  • Because there aren't enough mentors in rural Australia to pass on this knowledge!

    Mel Prunster

  • Its too dangerous not to be!!

    Sammi Gascoigne

  • to learn about safe sex

    Aaron Lien

  • Yay!

    Chloe Baker

  • Because Knowledge is power

    Brett Trindle

  • Because I feel it is better to be safe than sorry, and to be educated

    Braelene Bridge

  • Just cause

    Melanie Byatt

  • Because people don't understand how important it is to get checked

    Tara Pearson

  • but i dont want to write anyting on the wall? :O

    rachael mansfield

  • safe sex is best

    Margaret L Thomas

  • add

    Anb Don

  • to teach the kids the right thing

    Shirley Thompson

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    Think Talk Act — Yeah I’m In — Red Aware — What does World AIDS Day mean to YOU?

  • <3

    Renee Lawrence

  • STIs aren't something you WANT to have, now are they?

    Joseph Mullins

  • Better be safe than sorry

    Jessica Baldock

  • i work with and support young people learning about sexuality and safe sex, and encourage them to be red aware

    Deborah Smith

  • ... because it\'s important

    Mark Thomas

  • I dont want to develop a std that will effect me all my life

    Chloe Trigg

  • Because safe sex is fun sex

    Lewis Cork

  • prevent the spread of HIV and other STIs

    Olga Kontorina

  • -

    Suzanne Van Kerkhoven

  • Why not? :-)

    Pj wishart-Allen

  • I'm aware that STI are something that is manageable with proper care and prevention.

    Tj Muliadi

  • cause i am

    ellaura wiggins

  • Safe and healthy sexuality and relationships empower people in all aspects of their lives.

    Lauren Walker

  • To spread a message of hope and God's love

    maddie deleon

  • Having sex, having fun!

    Brian Zhu

  • Because I can and it's free

    Danny Pham

  • Because my friend told me about it

    Genevieve Peters

  • Think, Talk, Act: RED.

    Sean Hanley

  • Better to be safe than sorry !

    Kerri Parker

  • thank yuo

    Eduard Nuriahmetov

  • Because sex is fun.

    Stuart Ball

  • Sure am

    Amy M Miller Woitasek

  • [...] 2Spirits Program Manager, Michael Scott, talks CondomMan and tells us why indigenous sexual health should be a priority during NAIDOC Week. Read more. [...]

    Think Talk Act — Yeah I’m In — Red Aware — Mental health, sexual health and young people

  • To live a happy and healthy life

    Michael Ngo

  • XZ

    Alexey Bronnikov

  • Because I need to be more mindful of practising safe sex every time rather than most of the time.

    Louise Lennon

  • Health Promotion Undergraduate

    Kelly Hayden

  • Well, who wouldn't want to be?!

    Deanna Price-Maxwell

  • because diseases are preventable

    jessie sheather

  • no idea

    zaid haddad

  • Many younger people are having unprotected sex which is very dangerous.

    Kathy Lu

  • i want to live safe and healthy life.

    Minal hirpara

  • Cause sex is good.

    Brad Josd

  • i am becoming red aware so that i can be prepared for when i become sexually active

    Shenayah strachan

  • Safe sex for days bitches

    Max Browne

  • Why not!

    Emily Aide

  • Because safty is number one.

    Sacha Romson

  • Some things can't be cured.

    Alastair Buchanan

  • online

    Narendar Piryani

  • It's really important for everyone, but especially young people to be informed to make healthy and positive choices about sex. Bam! Condoms!

    Felix Scholz

  • because i want all aussies to be safe and enjoy sex not fear it

    anika walker

  • sex addict

    Dan Sharples

  • Want to keep STDs from spreading.

    VC Lok

  • There can be significant barriers and stigma, for young people, trying to access information and follow safer sex principles. The tools to knocking down these barriers are empowerment and information.

    Natalie Walker

  • Better Safe than Dead!

    Sarah Hopf

  • Because I believe in safe sex.

    Timothy Willis

  • Don't wanna live with the Grim Reaper

    Lou Pollard

  • Working as a sexual health nurse for Family Planning in N.T. it is great to see organisations such as this popping up

    Rowena Leunig

  • Great campaign guys, def get on board!

    Mateusz Michalik

  • I think its a good idea

    Dan Hargreaves

  • After being raped at the age of 12 i was lucky that i did not fall pregnant or catch any sexually transmitted diseases. I knew hardly anything about sex at the time, and although i knew it was wrong i didn't really understand what exactly was happening. I didn't understand what sex really was. I want to promote safe sex, but not only safe sex i want people to know that you don't need to have sex to be 'popular' or to fit in. Sex is so much better when you have an emotional connection with someone and not just physical.

    Amethyst Lucy Wilton

  • To educate youth about HIV!!

    Mackenzie Jones

  • Red

    Wilson Lee

  • Thanks

    Chelsea Mitchell

  • Now, unsafe sex is baaad, mmmk?

    Christopher Elmslie

  • Im red aware because safe sex is the way to go

    Natasja Tobin

  • Young people need Sexual Health education! Be RED AWARE!

    Daniel Ebbin

  • why not!

    Dan Bunbury

  • because its the only way to be!

    Dhaneel Mahilall

  • got to do whats right

    Tiaana Kumeroa

  • wa

    sexual awarenesskit

  • safe sex

    anita hill

  • more inforamtion the better

    rayleane griffiths

  • Because my sexual health is important to me.

    Melinda Storey

  • Because preventing STIs is a great thing.

    Nicole Bagley

  • I CARE

    Katrina Zagorowski

  • It's better to be safe than sorry!

    Damian Hillas

  • ??

    kristine graham

  • for the free stuff mate

    Jason West

  • [...] our new Program Description (pdf). To express your interest in becoming an AoY please fill in this form and we’ll get back to you [...]

    Think Talk Act — Yeah I’m In — Red Aware — Agent Blog: Sam on becoming an AoY

  • Because we need to take away the stigma of STI's with young people to open up conversations and increase comprehensive sex education.

    Ellie Windred

  • have two teenagers!

    jody westhoff

  • I concern about my future

    Thien Nguyen

  • I have 5 children and would like them to be aware of all the consequences their actions make

    Raelene Plowman

  • Because you're crazy not to be!! :)

    Demi Carnes

  • to protect my health

    willow mullen

  • be aware

    Angie Louise Mangan

  • Bic

    Anghela Budarina

  • This is an awesome way of letting people know that you can be safe while still having fun.

    Aleksandra Melkonyan

  • Sexual Health; talking about it, knowing about it, looking after it. It's all bloody precious and important work!

    Brigid Canny

  • school man!

    Ashleigh Partridge

  • Because I value my future.

    Jayden Mews

  • It is too important an issue to do nothing about it.

    Cassandra de Lacy-Vawdon

  • To avoid ending up regretful!

    Abhakar Gupamagan

  • Because it is important

    Sandra Parry

  • As a society we need more open discussions about sex and safety.

    Seb Stocks

  • 4 year safe relationship :)

    Olivia Besmehn

  • :)

    Kylie Layt

  • Because I am

    Holly Johnson

  • I want to stop unwanted pregnancies and STIs

    Brendan Witham

  • Could there be a full life, deprived of safe fun?

    Ekaterina Romanenkova

  • Wrapping willy, 'cos I ain't silly.

    Chew Kok

  • because people need to be safe all the time

    mark a

  • Std

    Dennis Foo

  • not to catch anything

    vanessa anderson

  • because i want to be safe for my generation i suppose

    cheyenne gomez

  • best to be safe than sorry :)

    Kylie-jo Tohaia

  • i prefer not to have aids

    dara sin

  • Protect family and myself...

    Penny Simpson

  • To take action

    alex leong

  • Because safe is rather sexy

    Ashley Styles

  • gday fellas

    Booster Simon

  • I need all the safe sex help I can get

    Nadia Wells

  • Because its the safest thing to do

    Jarrod Pritchard

  • I was careless and contracted chlamidia. Now I want to promote safe sex.

    Ami Perez

  • My daughter is coming to that age where she should be having fun without the risks of catching an STI or STD.

    Clayton Peck

  • stay aware, stay safe and always have fun

    damian cody

  • No glove, no love!

    Melissa Best

  • I want to know whats going on with my body

    Jordan Smith

  • Cause I dont want no sti

    Alecia Hanks

  • Sounds like these guys do great work.

    Brenton Clutterbuck

  • i want to live forever

    Edward Bannah

  • i am safe

    khioni rankin

  • I'm in!

    Wenkai Cao

  • Why not be safe rather than sorry

    Bonnie Walker

  • We all need to promote safe sex!!! Spread the loveeeeee!!

    Pip Mason

  • dont be a fool wrap your tool

    rob fisher

  • i love


  • My body is 'red'y

    Samuel Longjohn

  • Because im safe

    Matt Price

  • cause STI'S are horrible! as if you would not use protection

    Jacklie Ornsby

  • To live a Safe and healthy Life.

    Anubhava Mishra

  • because i have yeast infections

    Portia Rush

  • As a queer trans*guy it's vital

    A Denton

  • Yeah!

    Chris Davie

  • Because it's so easy for sex to be safe AND fun :)

    Michaela Dean

  • Because Safe Sex is responsible sex!

    D. Wiharyanto

  • Safe is sexy!

    Caitlin Henderson-Dick

  • Responsibility

    Zhim Low

  • Because I'm not an idiot. Also yay for free stuff !!

    Tara Payne

  • Just because

    Katie Nguyen

  • Because I believe people shouldn't be embarrassed about sexual health!

    Lily Bentley

  • Great innovative campaign to join young people in the effort to minimise the spread of HIV and STI\'s

    Rosalind Martin

  • safety first

    Ariarn Hurley

  • to b safe

    Priyang Doshi

  • Hh

    Chin Woo

  • !?

    Brooke Denyer

  • 75% of STIs occurring amongst young people!!

    E Panetta

  • I was having unprotected sex in high school with my boyfriend and got pregnant my senior year. I graduated with a huge stomach and had my son a few months after graduation. I am now 19 and my son is nine months old. I am trying to go to college, work, and raise my son. I love him to death, but I wish I had made better choices. I am now on birth control and have safe sex. I want others to know that there are big consequences that come from having unprotected sex.

    Charlotte Sudlow

  • :)

    Laura Bradley

  • For my safety

    Samuel Lynch

  • To eduducate my kids

    Carolyn Gage-pearson

  • Empowering others to prevent STIs and unwanted pregnancies.

    Angela Giffard

  • I'm red aware because I believe everyone has the right to learn about sex, and how to be safe!

    Michelle Doyle

  • To not get pregnant!

    Olivia Norman-Gill

  • I think it is very important for people to be aware of STI\'s. A lot of young people seem to have forgotten that if it\'s not on, it\'s NOT on!

    alastair mclatchie

  • Bag up!

    Shaun Christides

  • For safe sex

    Kristin Flett

  • Because safe sex is actually the cool thing to do! Too many young people don't know about the dangers of STI's and i want to play a role in changing the statistics for all young Australians.

    Brigitte Lupton

  • Don't be a fool, wrap ya tool

    Zac Jackson-Calway

  • Safe sex

    Angela Wu

  • YOLO.

    Kylie Than

  • For our future's sake!

    Nate B

  • Please send me, I'm really looking for.

    Irina Shepel

  • Being Red Aware will stop you from being red down there.

    Juanita Ward

  • Because I can be.

    Joshua Ristrom

  • after doing lots of research and creating a health expo focusing on Sexual Health for Uni.. I am determined to promote safe sex and play a part in removing STI\\\'s by the time my children are sexually active!!

    nicole Blears

  • I'm a mum with 3 adult children, I have to be

    Sandra Giles

  • Because sex if fun!!!

    Melly McMillan

  • Promoting healthy lives

    Jess Sandilands

  • ???? ??????!

    ?????? ????????

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  • Because I love men.

    Luke Aspey

  • Jkj

    stacie cole

  • Google... usually posts some very fascinating stuff like this. If you?re new to this site...


  • I have a teenage daughter

    Sally Clark

  • Thank you!

    Patrucheva Yuliya

  • im fine

    dennise mcdonald

  • because safe sex is fun sex!

    Dean Tran

  • coolio

    Phillip Tomlinson

  • .

    Tasha Matheson

  • to prevent S.T.I.s

    cara king

  • Even though I practice safe sex, I still get STI tests done 1-2 times a year just for my peace of mind.

    Rob Hinkley


    Emily Alwin

  • Uyg

    Chin Woo

  • To teach my kids to be red aware!

    Rebecca Valli

  • I was never educated in sexual health but within the short time I have volunteered with Yeah I have realized that it isn't just me who hasn't been educated, but a lot of today's youth are oblivious to sexual health awareness. So I'm red aware because I believe it's time for sexual health education to become common knowledge in schools and local communities so that youth have the information and knowledge where they can access it freely.

    Kyle Chapman

  • Because education and awareness can help to eliminate both STIs and their stigma.

    Aurora Killey

  • its good to be safe when having fun

    Andrew Zed

  • Cause STI's are forever and if u give ur partner one they may not

    Chris Radburn

  • Thank you!

    Olga Solyanik

  • because it's time to take a stand to promote sexual health!

    margie giovanna

  • GF

    Loz Red

  • ilove life and sex

    Irina Zagaetskaya

  • Because too many people have STIs and that needs to be stopped.

    Melissa Briggs

  • Spread the message of safe sex and encourage people to seek treatment if needed......

    renae grabham

  • Safe sex is the best sex. 'Good time, not a long time' doesn't always apply as far as STIs go. Great online initiative!

    Lucky Dime

  • My daughter has just become sexually active and would to give as much info and support as i can.!!!

    Moana Lumley

  • My son is going to squirm when he gets these but better safe then sorry

    Rebecca Hodder

  • .

    Cameron Dunn

  • Think Safety before you stick it in!

    Bryan Lim

  • !!!

    Toni Elizabeth

  • Because being aware is sexy!

    Melissa Helmore

  • Brilliant !

    ivan lu

  • Sex is fun, Safe sex is better!!!

    Erin Gleeson

  • wild. great campaign.

    Dan Sotter

  • Want more information

    rohit verma

  • [...] Host a ‘Red Aware Event’:?Supporting young people to run their own sexual health awareness events. Want to get a group of mates together and run a Red Aware event in your local area? Head to:  www.redaware.org.au/act/host-a-red-aware-event/  [...]


  • .

    Chloe Streets

  • I believe in safe sex and with having teenage children I want them to be safe.

    Laura Perriam

  • thinking, talking and acting red.

    Yong-Long Lai

  • I don\\\'t want any diseases..

    Sarah Budge

  • I wanna be safe!!

    KNLHD Nguyen

  • chaging the world, one step at a time.

    Lorynn Van

  • .

    Shaon Chowdhury

  • Hack on Triple J has been very enlightening !

    lisa mcgregor

  • Because sex should be fun, not funky!

    Stacey Chamberlain

  • Because it is very importent to be

    Tamara coan

  • It's better to be safe and sure.

    Amanda McMillan


    crystal williams

  • Im socialy awkward and masturbating feels better with lube and a condom insted of riping my foreskin everynight

    Brenden Doig

  • St kilda youth festival!!

    Tara Owens

  • :)

    Kylie Cummings

  • Because I only do safe-sex

    Shang-Ji Wang

  • I need to be responsible when i\'m sexually active.

    Emma Krupinski

  • to make my TAFE class aware

    jordan pedley

  • I don't want to be a number who had a child at an early age, or contract a STI.

    Sarah Croft

  • bbbb

    Yuan Cheo

  • Because I am in a polyamorous relationship and I am not yet ready for children.

    Mandy Threlfo

  • safe sex is good sex!

    Alice Jenkins

  • Always Safe!!

    M S

  • Sexual health is important & talking about it can and should be fun/accessible/cool :)

    Holly Eyles

  • because it's important to be.safe

    sarah la vella

  • Because people need to understand how important it is to get checked.

    kira vassallo

  • id like to be

    Thaao Crew

  • Being a Youth Mental Health Clinicians I want to make sure that I can provide young clients with relevant resources and information about safe sex.

    Frauke Hobbs

  • So I can find out all the info to stay safe

    Chloe Furlong

  • Satfty

    Paul Sd

  • Awesome campaign, awareness is key

    Michelle Trenwith

  • To stay STI free and we don\'t want any babies XD

    Aaron Moore

  • safe sex is better than being 16 and pregnant. YOLO

    Trista Hyland

  • Id rather be safe then sorry!!!

    Rhiannon Johns

  • YEAH I'm in!

    Daniel Duong

  • Its very fantastic!

    Svetlana Shamko

  • Because bananas are getting old.

    Bradley Watt

  • I am curious and would like to know what all that I can do to be safe.

    Tina Du

  • .

    Scott HardieScottH

  • I am red aware because I wanna be safe from sits now and forever

    Tara Beynon

  • It's always good to have safe sex

    victoria connelly

  • Heard about you on triple j and have some experiences which made me like what you are trying to do.

    Ben Thompson

  • cause im awesome

    Immi Anne

  • Because it safe

    Konstantin Zabaluev

  • Because everyone deserves the knowledge and ability to engage in consensual sex safely!

    Bridget Puczkowski

  • because safety first always

    Arvinf Rajandran

  • I'd rather be clean ya know

    Christopher Wale

  • because im awesome

    Tori Young

  • I'm a mother of two flourishing teenagers ... Great site! Will encourage my kids to invite all their friends on FB

    Kleon Langdon

  • because I do not want unintended consequences after a good rest, stay protected is not to be afraid of risk

    Alex Tabanaev

  • As a nurse and a tutor to young people, I have experienced first hand the shame and upset that can result from STI's. I hope that, on completion of my Master of Public Health at the end of this year, I can make a positive difference in preventing STI's and HIV from burdening our youth!!!

    Roseana Tira

  • Heard you guys on the J's. I'm a PE teacher and this sounds great to add into lessons.

    Tim Hansen

  • Because its the only way to be :)

    David Wearing

  • safety is the way to go

    Boris Isagirl

  • it is very important for young people hell even everyone to use safe sex , to protect themselves.

    Seanne Breeding

  • safe sex is the best sex

    Stephen Middenway

  • Because it's important for young people to take charge of themselves and their sexual health and be supported to do just that!

    Lynne Martin

  • How could you not?

    Evita Kaposta

  • It the responsible thing to do

    Shristie Verma

  • Stop the diseases spreading!

    sy davis

  • It just makes sense.

    Matthew Gambin

  • I am Red Aware because i am passionate about ensuring youth voices have a place in society for positive change in our community

    Korey Anthony Chisholm

  • Because Youths have enough to deal with, and sexual health should have to be another stress!

    Matty McCaw

  • To educate and prepare my sons.

    Tricia Leonard

  • Think of all the times you have had sex... And all the times you WANT to have sex in the future!! Now think about how you only have to be infected once.

    Laurence Hardy

  • Safe Sex Is Great Sex :)

    Corie Dettmann

  • To help my generation become more aware

    Kelly Waldron

  • to be safe

    Narelle Virgin

  • Working in Greater Shepparton @ UnitingCare Cutting Edge (Diversity Project) supporting same sex attracted and gender diverse young people and their friends (10 - 25yrs old) - fortnightly social-support "Diversity Group" runs as part of the work we do

    Damien Equality Stevens

  • Because wrapping it before you tap it is just common sense.

    Ashley Cleavin

  • Because I don't want to have an sti...

    Angus Mckee

  • Because I'm passionate about sexual and reproductive health, and sharing information with peers about all aspects of safer sex practices and healthy sexual relationships!

    Jack Hegarty

  • To be safe!

    Ellan Cleall

  • Thank you

    Hayley Bakker

  • Because safe is sexy

    Chris Julian

  • because it's important

    Miin Ong

  • Save sex is awesome and means everyone is comfortable and having fun!

    Tamsin Peters

  • Because F*ck having a HIV.

    Dalton Youle

  • Mmm, Because I'm a vampire RAWR!

    Lindsay Maxwell

  • because STI's can be life changing

    Fiona Blee



  • I am Red Aware because I understand and want to help spread the word about the importance of safe sex.

    Sam Griffiths

  • Safe is the only way to be

    Nergal Youkhana

  • To stand up against HIV and aids.

    Jawin Ratchawong

  • iI like it

    Inna Odnoletkova

  • Because me and my fiancé are no where near ready for kids we still have so much to see and do!

    Sj Brown

  • Not many people think about the dangers of unprotected sex. More people need to realize that it is very VERY easy to catch an STI.

    Sophie Turner

  • Because I hope to be the difference between getting something nasty and having a good sex.

    Duen Jaemjamrat

  • Because in think its good to be safe.

    Alexander Black

  • idk

    Calvin Unwin

  • To stay safe

    karen schuler

  • Cool

    Julz Ashley

  • thyankss

    larissa hudson

  • <3

    Rachelle Morris

  • WILD SAFE SEX....what's better? I'm in.

    Kaz Cochrane

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    Tze Yang Kueh

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    Paul McDermott

  • More kids need to be aware of safe sex! Sex dosen't always just lead to unplanned pregnancys'. STI's are a concern too!

    Megan Solomon

  • :)

    jiayi wang

  • Its smart and safer

    Penny Lane

  • For my S/O

    Sam Feeger

  • STIs are a common issue amongst young people and we need to raise awareness to help prevent the serious sequelae of disease!

    Aymandor Trochanter

  • Idk

    Liam McGarry

  • [...] (STIs) are a rising trend in Australia. According to Australian sexual health organisation Red Aware, not only has the reported number of Chlamydia cases quadrupled in the last ten years, 80% of those [...]

    PResto » Blog Archive » STI awareness revamped (2 of 3)

  • I'm red aware because I never party without balloons

    Mark Shiels

  • I am a teacher of students with special needs and we are beginning a sexuality education program this term and are looking for interesting, up to date information. We would appreciate any resources as the students I am working from are low soci economic backgrounds.

    gabrielle sheather

  • Promoting safe sex among teens is a crucial topic nowadays with STIs spreading faster than the use of social networks. They aren't something we should become used to. It's also better to be safe than sorry.

    Lucy Sheather

  • because I don't want 2 catch someone elses diseases.

    christopher lewindon

  • I work with youth to promote sexual health!


  • Awareness is key

    Isobel Lloyd

  • because knowledge is empowerment!

    Leah Cotte

  • I am an adolescent sexual health educator at HUSHeducation in Melbourne: we fully support Red Aware and the safer sex message.

    Margie Buttriss



  • its serious stuff man

    Leah Ranby

  • Because

    Ben Mcguire

  • I believe our generation has the capacity to stand up and be heard, especially regarding sex ed as it has become such a standard part of our lives. I think we should all be well equipped with the knowledge that red aware gives us, and what better way to learn than by encouraging our peers?

    Lily Schultz

  • Because everyone should be aware of sexual and reproductive health.

    Sophie Wadden