What does this news mean for sexual health education?

Why at a time when young people’s STI rates are rising and condom use is declining is the Federal Government taking money away from young people trying to lead the change they desperately need for their sexual health education and culture?

Given over 75% of STIs are occurring amongst young people it’s such a counter productive message to send to young leaders, volunteering to be sexual health promoters, that suddenly their efforts to improve the disastrous state of sexual health education is not valued.

The decision by the Federal Government to defund YEAH is nothing less than outrageous; why throw away all that has been invested in building a highly successful grassroots youth organisation?

Here’s how you can help…


Print and Post!

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Download and print the #saveYEAH flyer and post it at your university, workplace and community noticeboards.

You can also email the PDF out to your social, personal, and professional networks – urging people to join the fight to save YEAH by signing the petition.

RT @CatherineKingMPAnother $2.1 billion cut from health tonight, on top of $2.1 billion in MYEFO. Turnbull health cuts now total $4.2 billion. #Budget2016

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RT @alischarossWhat about $600M cut from health flexible funds gutting NGOs like @YEAH_au delivering health benefits, prevention & savings @CatherineKingMP

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RT @GreensScott Morrison all talk about caring for young ppl, yet #Budget2016 rips 20 per cent of public investment out of our universities

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RT @LRussellWolpeWhy can Aust Govt think big ($50b) and into the future (late 2020s) for submarines but not for health or education? #healthbudget16

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RT @alischarossWhile we fight to #saveYEAH @YEAH_au we continue delivering more peer led sexual health workshops than ever @ACOSS please help our efforts

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