Welcome to YEAH

YEAH: Leaders in youth led sexual health promotion!

YEAH has pioneered many opportunities for young people to become leaders in promoting positive, inclusive and youth friendly information on sexual health and HIV to their friends and peers. 

The momentum YEAH has built over the past 11 years has resulted in the largest online and face to face reach of sexual health information with young people Australia wide. 

Last year over 900,000 young people turned to YEAH’s online channels for information on sexual health.

YEAH has developed the only national network of young people trained as sexual health peer educators. In 2015 YEAH’s national peer education program engaged directly with more than 10,000 young people through community workshops and events. 

Currently 60 young people subscribe to YEAH’s online campaign each week to receive regular youth friendly sexual health information.

Sounds pretty awesome? That’s because it is!

That’s why we do not understand the Commonwealth Government’s decision to defund YEAH after seven years of investment to create this momentum; YEAH has proven successful performance, cost effectiveness, growing community demand, ability to innovate new ways to engage young people online and through face to face communication.

YEAH’s dedicated team are continuing to voluntarily manage YEAH’s programs and online presence and develop new funding solutions. If you have suggestions on how you can help YEAH please be in touch.

Let’s work together to save YEAH, the organisation that most young people turn to for sexual health information and to become active leaders in promoting positive sexual health outcomes amongst their peers. 

Here’s how you can help…


Print and Post!

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Download and print the #saveYEAH flyer and post it at your university, workplace and community noticeboards.

You can also email the PDF out to your social, personal, and professional networks – urging people to join the fight to save YEAH by signing the petition.

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